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Care for yourself, care for the planet

All speakers had glowing skin when they walked on stage thanks to the 2018 Summit’s official beauty partner Rudolph Care by Andrea Rudolph that offers exquisite, pampering beauty products for the conscious consumer who wants it all: a luscious feel, great results, gorgeous packaging and, just as importantly, a clean conscience.  

At the centre of the philosophy of Rudolph Care by Andrea Rudolph is the fact that products, ingredients and packaging break down in your body and in nature. The final dashes of your moisturisers, serums and sunscreens do not spell the end to their effects, whether as chemicals in your body or as ones affecting the planet. Effects that Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph is on a mission to eliminate. 

“Luxury, well-being and high-quality products should not be harmful. Not now and not in the future,” asserts Rudolph. 

Applying Rudolph Care by Andrea Rudolph products means not just soft, glow-giving and wellness-filled paths to your appearance, but also to the internal health of your body for life-long beauty, as Rudolph herself discovered through a Greenpeace test that tested her body and blood for harmful substances as part of their chemical footprint campaign. Rudolph learned that her blood was full of chemicals – some originating from the beauty products she had pampered herself with over the years. This finding, that the ordinary products she loved to use were actually harmful, gave birth to Rudolph Care by Andrea Rudolph.  

It’s about the world our children deserve 

But it’s not just about one’s own beauty or health. It’s also about the world we live in, the one our children also deserve to inhabit. Reducing the environmental impacts of beauty products is therefore also at the core of the company’s mission. Because have you really thought about what happens to your beauty products once the bottle or jar is empty? It doesn’t just evaporate into thin air when it comes out of the container. It may seem invisible but does not actually disappear. Not its packaging, nor its contents, some of which go down the sink and eventually into our oceans. 

Rudolph Care by Andrea Rudolph products have been awarded two of the strictest certification standards — COSMOS and the Nordic Ecolabel. Everything from its skincare series to hair and fragrance lines are developed and produced in Denmark, in partnership with the best beauty product manufacturers. Their effective organic ingredients are sourced from all over the world.  

A berry bursting with goodness  

At the heart of the Rudolph Care by Andrea Rudolph skincare line is the acai berry, which grows only in the Amazon rainforest. That’s why buying Rudolph Care by Andrea Rudolph’s acai-based products means supporting rainforest protection, as the greatest threat to this vital organ of the planet is a lack of economic viability, due to the threatening alternative of cash crops. On a trip to Brazil, Rudolph tasted the acai berry and fell in love with its unique properties, bursting with vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and an extremely high antioxidant content.  

For these reasons acai is a key ingredient in the Rudolph Care by Andrea Rudolph skincare collection, along with luxurious oils that each feature their own beneficial effects on the skin – as organic as possible and of the highest quality. 

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