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The Pulse report has people talking

The 2017 Summit saw the release of the first and groundbreaking Pulse of the Fashion Industry report. One of the main purposes of the report was to facilitate more dialogue about measuring sustainability performance. With multiple stakeholders giving constructive feedback over the past months, including the International Wool and Textile Organisation (IWTO) and Greenpeace, this has been achieved.

IWTO went public with its official response to the Pulse report back in July. Read our response to the three main points in their critique.

Greenpeace recently published the report Fashion at the Crossroads, which devoted two full pages to its interpretation of the Pulse report findings. Find out why we view their response as a misinterpretation.

We also participate in an ongoing dialogue with International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC) and a number of other organisations about specific report findings.

“We very much value feedback from a broad range of industry stakeholders and are currently considering how to include a consultation process for the 2018 Pulse of the Fashion Industry report. We’re looking forward to working together with IWTO, Greenpeace, ICAC and other organisations for next year’s edition in order to enhance the recommendations even further,” says Jonas Eder-Hansen, Global Fashion Agenda’s chief content officer.